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Multicultural exchange in Luojia Autumn International Cultural Festival

If you want to enjoy the customs and cultures of the five continents like the enthusiasm of America, the graceful dance of Asia, the unrestrained freedom of Africa, the gentleness of Europe and the warmth of Oceania, you don’t need to travel long. Just come to Wuhan University in November, Luojia Autumn International Cultural Festival gives you everything you want.

Since its founding in 2004, Luojia Autumn International Cultural Festival has focused on international cultural exchanges with international students as the main theme. It aims to promote mutual understanding among students from all over the world and to strengthen exchanges between Chinese and foreign cultures. It has become an important cultural label for Wuhan University.

As he most eye-catching activities of Cultural Festivals, the International Cultural Exhibition and International Student Art Performance took place at the Guiyuan Playground of Wuhan University.

Zhao Xuemei, the deputy party secretary of Wuhan University, said: "The implementation of the ‘Belt and Road ‘and the building of a community of human destinies are a signal of China's friendliness to the world. Wuhan University upholds this concept and strengthens the internationalization of educatio. In the Luojia Autumn International Cultural Festival this big arena, we all enjoy the exotic culture as well as broaden horizons and enhance understanding and friendship.”